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Art in the area

Art in the area

The old mill is located in Bairo, a small town of Canavese, that sits on the slopes of the Ivrea  morainal apron. It is an important area for equestrianism, counting on 4 different facilities, each one giving the possibility to practice a different equestrian discipline.
The Canavese area is a continuous discovery, far from mass tourism but rich with of artistic beauties and untouched countryside. The towns of Torre Canavese, Agliè and Castellamonte are close to the mill:

Torre Canavese can be defined a town full of art, since a display of paintings both local and international is held on the outside of the buildings, along the streets, making it an open air museum, always open. Besides there is an art gallery dedicated to Raissa Gorbaciova with high-profile paintings.
For the time being it is possible to visit an exhibit dedicated to Federico Fellini. The most impressive scenographies imagined by the great director are exposed along the old street called “Viassa” creating a surreal, oneiric atmosphere.
Agliè is known as one of the main location for the fiction “Elisa di Rivombrosa”, numerous scenes have been shot in its streets and in its castle.
The huge manor of the duke and the marvelous park, the beautiful baroque churches and its medieval burg create the feeling of a the town suspended in time.
It was the birthplace of the crepuscular poet, Guido Gozzano, his home named “il Meleto” (the apple orchard) is visitable and it lays few steps away from the town centre.

Castellamonte has a semicircular shape around a hill on the top of which sits the castle of the Conti di San Martino (Counts of Saint Martin). The lonely romanic bell tower from XI century stands at the beginning of the circular walls of the Rotonda Antonelliana, named after Alessandro Antonelli who started its construction in 1842. Castellamonte belongs to the list of the 36 towns of pottery in Italy. Every september the the Mostra della Ceramica (exhibit of ceramics) is held, showing the best handmade artistic productions to the visitors.
There are also some interesting shops, open all year round, selling the famous handcrafted stoves of Castellamonte and crockery.

The main town of Canavese is Ivrea, 15 km away, well known throughout the world for its Historical Carnival with its Battle of the Oranges

If some guests wish to take part in this unique event, upon prior request, we can arrange to let them throw the oranges from our cart or on foot, since we are welcome in several foot teams.
In the centre of Ivrea rises a hill with the Castle and the Dome on top. The city is celebrated by the famous Italian poet Carducci: ”Ivrea la bella che le rossi torri specchia sognando a la cerulea Dora” (Ivrea the beautiful whose red towers are reflected, dreaming, in the cerulean river Dora). The castle with three towers is the symbol of the city, built by Amedeo VI di Savoia (Savoy) in 1357, today is seldom used for events and displays.
The most important company born in Ivrea is Olivetti and there were its headquarters.

When you walk through the streets of Ivrea you can see the connection between the city and  Olivetti, the company was the driving force behind the creation of its modern masterpieces of rationalist architecture. Being known worldwide, it is now candidate in the UNESCO world heritage list as “industrial city of XX century”.

The Canavese landscape is dotted with manors, there is a Circuit of Castles, some are now museums, hotels, public offices or private dwellings. The most famous among them are the castles of Masino, Ivrea, Mazzè, San Giorgio, Montalto, Pavone and indeed, Agliè which belongs to the Royal Houses of Piedmont together with the Reggia di Venaria, located 30 km south of our mill.


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